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aus Arusha
Guide seit: 2004
Touren: Safaris
  • American Society of Travel Agents
  • IATA
  • Tanzania Society of Travel Agents
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World Air Travel & Tours


World Air Travel & Tours LTD specialize in Wildlife Safaris, Mountain Trekking (eg. Mt Kilimanjaro), Air Ticketing (local and international IATA and non-IATA accredited), Beach Holidays, Specials like Balloon Safaris, Bird-Watching Safaris, Hotel and Lodges Reservation, Honeymoon Packages, Cultural Packages, Car hire and Rentals and Tailor-made Packages.

We are located in Arusha (Tanzania) and have also branches in Dar es Salaam and Morogoro.

The company’s mission is to exceed its clients’ dreams and expectations through timely delivery and appropriate provision of quality service while effectively using the local people and their environment and knowledge to enhance the experience. Provide our clients with the opportunity to learn, have fun and experience Africa from a new perspective through travel. It is our goal to treat every client in an honest and personalized manner as they embark on an adventure filled with value, education and priceless memories. All the professionals at World Air Travel & Tours Limited are masters of their trade and each brings with him/her a unique set of experience adding value to the traveler’s overall experience of the country.

The company’s vision is to maintain a consistent, ethical and sustainable internationally accepted standard services, that will contribute greatly to the country’s economic as well as social growth.

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